Monday, May 16, 2011

Countdown to Supernatually!!

I've added a widget counting down to the release of Kiersten White's sure-to-be-awesome new Paranormal Adventure novel, Supernaturally, at the end of my sidebarDon't worry, I haven't sold out! I'm not getting paid to advertise the book, nor am I doing it as a personal favour - heck, I don't even know Kiersten. But I do know I picked up her first novel, Paranormalcy, almost reluctantly and wound up falling in love with the book's hilarious, kickass narrator and awesome YA voice. Anyone who knows me, or feels like they're starting to know me in this oddly close little cyber-world of ours, will know exactly the sort of quirky, independent heroine I love. And monster-hunter Evie (part Buffy Summers, part Legally Blonde's Elle Woods and part Disney's Little Mermaid) ticks all the boxes: she's badass, girly and desperately just wants to be like everyone else! 

Paranormalcy was practically shoved upon me by an online buddy who thought I needed a break and figured I'd like Kiersten White 'cos she wrote a bit like me (a massive compliment, by the way - thank you CrazyWriterFriend!). Supernaturally, on the other hand,  is a book I'm practically itching to get my hands on, I'm dying to see what happens next and am counting down the days til I can pick up where the characters left off. So that's my current literary obsession - but what's yours? Have you ever had a book pushed on you that you wound up falling in love with? Is there anything that just seem to tick all your boxes? What books (published or as-yet-unpublished) are you itching to read, and why? Let me know!


  1. Ghost Story. Even though I didn't enjoy the last Dresden Files book as much as others, Jim Butcher is still my current favourite author and I can't wait to see what happens to Harry Dresden next.

  2. The Lovely Bones was the best suggestion I was given by a fellow actor. Loved 'Lucky' by Alice Sebold too. Tragic and true.

    I mainly read biographies now so pass by the novel mainly.

    Sadly it's been a while since a book grabbed me and held on tight :)

  3. The Wheel of time.

    I don’t believe there is any greater cruelty than introducing a friend to a book series with an incredibly engaging storyline, without mentioning that the - same characters- will be trying to accomplish the - same task - 13 books later.

    Great series. Horrible friend.

  4. There are too many books that I need/want to read--I just need time to do it. I keep hearing about Supernaturally and how everyone's so excited for it to come out, so maybe I should get started on the series, eh?